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Sitting right on Wellington Quay, in the heart of Dublin, is a slice of BBQ heaven. Sidle up to our bar, saddle up on our seats and get comfortable in Bison Bar & BBQ, Dublin’s first and best BBQ joint.

So what’s our story? We wanted to bring the finest BBQ to Dublin, and to open up a place that was like nothing else in Ireland. We wanted to bring all that smoky BBQ flavour right to your doorstep. The very first step was to send our Head Chef, Oliver Byrne, stateside. He traveled to Memphis and spent weeks learning the craft of BBQing. You can learn how to cook it but to make it taste the best you’ve gotta have the best – so we picked up our secret weapon, our Southern Pride Smoker. Southern Pride have been making smokers since 1973, this experience and craftsmanship goes into every smoker they produce and with this assurance to quality, we knew we were onto something! The Southern Pride Smoker was so big we couldn’t get it through the door of our Wellington Quay restaurant,

so we ended up taking off the front wall to get it into our kitchen. Once in, we got down to the serious (and seriously delicious) task of smoking our meat to perfection. It took us 6 weeks of careful testing. The first step was to choose the wood we’d use. We settled on oak, which we think yields the best taste. We source our cuts of meat especially to make sure they are the tastiest, most tender cuts going. We treat our meat with our homemade rubs and then smoke them for 14 hours before serving. Even the meat is chosen with care, specially selected cows are used for our brisket, which we think is the best brisket this side of the Mississippi. We do our ribs St. Louis Style – which means the entire rack, cooked low and slow, dipped in our signature sauce, wrapped and cooked again to finish it off.


We thought long and hard about sides that would go well with our meaty fare. We’ve got coleslaw, burnt end beans (first place in Dublin to serve ’em up!), creamy potato salad, big onion rings and golden fries with tangy chipotle mayo.

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We’ve put a lot of thought into our drinks menu, too. We’ve over 150 whiskeys for you to sup on while you enjoy your meaty feast!

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So, if you haven’t been in to try us out then come on in! Whether you fancy a light nibble, a hearty meal or just a drink with friends, we’d love to see you Remember, smoking is GOOD for you! Team Bison